Tea has for some time been valued for its capacity to ensure against malignancy, improve cardiovascular capacity and upgrade psychological wellness. The weaknesses of tea shouldn't be overlooked, however. Notwithstanding its advantages, this well-known beverage can be poisonous and even deadly in specific situations. 


Diverse tea assortments exist and each has unmistakable properties and employments. Some are advanced for their quieting impacts, while others can assuage swelling and gas. What you can be sure of is that sure mixes in tea can connect with meds, influence processing or cause poisonousness, particularly when devoured in enormous dosages. 

Dangers and Disadvantages of Tea 

Wealthy in cancer prevention agents and phytochemicals, tea is a force to be reckoned with of sustenance. Its medical advantages are upheld up by science. For instance, a June 2014 audit distributed in Current Pharmaceutical Design proposes that tea utilization may help forestall skin lung and oesophagal malignant growths, lessen coronary illness chance, improve blood lipids and moderate the movement of neurodegenerative issues. In an associate report, green tea has been appeared to bring down the danger of diabetes by an amazing 42 per cent. 

Tragically, this refreshing drink has its downsides. Contingent upon the plants utilized, particular sorts of tea may cause organ harm or intensify existing conditions. Some can be deadly when ingested in high portions. 

Senna tea, for instance, is a well-known home solution for blockage. It's additionally advanced as a characteristic weight reduction help. This drink is produced using senna leaves, which have purgative activity. 

As indicated by a July 2017 audit distributed by the European Medicines Agency, senna leaves may cause serious looseness of the bowels, stomach torment, electrolyte lopsided characteristics and harmful hepatitis, particularly when devoured in abundance. As the analyst's note, senna may not be alright for youngsters, pregnant ladies and people with fiery entrail messes. Overdoses may cause different organ disappointment and even passing. 

Be careful with Herbal Teas 

Natural teas convey the most serious dangers. Furthermore, they are regularly abused or manhandled, which can additionally enhance their reactions. 

A genuine model is comfrey tea. This refreshment has been utilized as a characteristic remedy for stomach ulcers, gastritis and joint torment for more than 2,000 years. Clinical proof shows that thymidine, symphytine, glucosamine and other pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey may cause hepatotoxicity, as announced by the European Medicines Agency in May 2015. The National Institutes of Health cautions that comfrey tea and enhancements may prompt intense liver injury and liver disappointment. 

In case you're battling with water weight, you should seriously think about drinking bramble tea. This drink displays diuretic properties, making your body flush abundance water. The drawback is that it might add to hypoglycemia, premature delivery and changes in the menstrual cycle, as indicated by Penn State Health. Moreover, it might influence blood coagulating and stomach related capacity. 

Experience difficulty nodding off? Some valerian tea can assist you with unwinding and get increasingly shut-eye, as the Mayo Clinic brings up. Simply ensure you're mindful of its possible dangers. Acid reflux, tipsiness, sickness and cerebral pains are on the whole regular symptoms. Now and again, valerian tea may exacerbate a sleeping disorder and influence liver wellbeing. 

As you see, numerous sorts of tea can have antagonistic responses. Counsel your primary care physician before remembering them for your eating regimen, particularly in case you're pregnant or under clinical treatment. The dynamic mixes in tea may connect with drugs or exacerbate your side effects. 

Tea and Heavy Metal Toxicity 

A typical issue related to tea utilization is overwhelming metal harmfulness. Wellbeing associations report that tea may contain lead, aluminium and different contaminants. 

The Journal of Toxicology talked about this issue in a September 2013 survey. Specialists broke down 30 kinds of tea and revealed the accompanying: 

  • 20 per cent of fermented teas had risky aluminium focuses 

  • 83 per cent of teas fermented for 15 minutes and 73 per cent of those prepared for three minutes was high in lead 

  • All tea assortments had noticeable degrees of caesium, tin, cadmium and arsenic 

  • Dark tea contained dangerous degrees of manganese 

As the researchers call attention to, soaking tea for over three minutes may build the convergence of substantial metals by 10 to 50 per cent. Tea source matters, as well. The brands sourced from China were the most noteworthy in contaminants. Moreover, the water utilized for preparing may contain substantial metals, as well. 

Lead, for instance, amasses in the body and may cause serious harming, cautions the World Health Organization. Organ harmfulness, disabled kidney work, hypertension, mind harm and spasms are only a couple of its reactions. 

Aluminium is similarly as hazardous. When ingested in enormous sums, it might prompt bone torment and disfigurements, disarray, pallor, mental issues and respiratory issues. 

Shockingly, it is highly unlikely to dispose of these dangers. Notwithstanding, you can lessen the disservices of tea by picking a natural brand and maintaining a strategic distance from those from debased districts, for example, China. Likewise, don't let the leaves steep longer than three minutes. Appreciate this refreshment with some restraint and abstain from utilizing any spices that you're curious about.